Sep 17,2022
A simple and romantic skin beauty method - bath bomb bubble bath
Bath salts are not only a luxury in beauty salons, but a "salt bath DIY" at home is a fashionable choice today. After a day's work, put a tub of water in the bathtub and choose a bath salt according to your mood. The light-colored transparent crystals are fragrant and charming, and the tense nerves relax, and the mood begins to cloudy and clear.

Different colors of bath salts have different effects

Blue Bath Salts - can relax the brain, the effect of the bath salt ball, restore the body's self-control. Suitable for insomnia or when environmental stress increases.

Orange Bath Salts鈥攁 new sensation rises from the soles of the feet, engulfing restless and repressed emotions.

Purple Bath Salts - Clear the brain, feel uplifted, and inspire creativity and inspiration. When you work overtime at night or encounter a difficult job, it may give you a flash of inspiration.

Red Bath Salts - Accelerates the pulse, promotes the flow of adrenaline, affects the secretion of the pituitary gland, and when you are listless, you suddenly feel passionate and full of confidence.

If you insist on a long-term salt bath, you can also reduce body fat, become slimmer, and prevent arthritis, rheumatism, frozen shoulder and other pains; applying hot compress to the part with thick fat layer can directly reduce the fat in that part. Go and try it!

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