Lavender Bath bombs Bulk
Lavender Bath bombs Bulk
Lavender Bath bombs Bulk
Lavender Bath bombs Bulk
Lavender Bath bombs Bulk
Lavender Bath bombs Bulk

Custom Lavender Bath bombs Bulk Factory

  • MOQ : 1000 sets
  • Function: Relaxing. Moisturizing
  • Fragrance: lavender eucalyptus chocolate shower steamers
  • Suit for: Daily life
  • COLORS: Singe Colors,Colorful,Customized

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Lavender bath bombs Bulk Ingredients are from Organic Shea Butter, natural Coconut oil and etc which is safe and good for kids’ skin. It is free from harmful chemicals, alcohol and etc. It has no irritation and it won’t cause allergic reactions.

About our products:
80g ± means the actual weight is around 70g~90g
120g ± means the actual weight is around 110g~140g
1. The foam is colorful, especially the color does not remain and does not stain the bathtub.
2. Handmade, usually best. Environmental protection, does not pollute the earth, but also because it is handmade, the error range (10g-20g).
3. Different color bath bombs have different ingredients and different functions. All products are handmade after placing the order to ensure the freshness of the products.
4. They are suitable for all skin types because the material is all natural and no dyes! vegetarian! gluten free! Phthalates Free! No preservatives!

Customer Experience
Title: Nice bath bombs!
Contents: I ordered these and they arrived quickly and well packaged. I was glad to see that none of them was cracked as is often the case when I order bath bombs. Today I decided to take a bath after a long day and used one of these. It was slightly smaller than I expected but it made up for size in other ways. The bath bomb fizzed nicely when I put it in water and the colors were really pretty as it melted away. It smelled really nice and made for a very relaxing bath. Overall, I'm glad I ordered these and can't wait to use another one later this week.

We are a bulk buy Lavender Bath bombs Bulk supplier from China, Providing natural original Lavender Bath bombs Bulk wholesale and custom services, Our own factory, made of natural materials, Provide OEM/ODM and all kinds of quality inspection certificate services, Welcome to contact for free samples.

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Boymay is a cosmetics factory mainly for custom bath bombs. Founded in 1995, we have been engaged in the research and development of bath bombs and OEM services for 27 years. Welcome customers from all over the world to wholesale bath bombs from our factory.