Sep 17,2022
How to use bath salts
Body washes are products we use every day, but not many people seem to use bath salts. Due to the low market demand, domestic manufacturers rarely produce and sell bath salts. For consumers with related needs, they can only look at foreign brands to buy.
However, at this year's Asia-Pacific Beauty Show, the reporter found that there are domestic manufacturers engaged in the production and sales of bath salts. And, instead of the traditionally humble-looking bagged bath salts that explode bath salt balls, this bath salt is an exploding bath salt ball.

The explosive bath salt ball, also known as the bubble bomb (bath bomb), its use process is like throwing an oversized vitamin C paoteng tablet into the bathtub and quickly soaking it. Ordinary bath salts are mostly composed of natural land salts, natural sea salts, minerals and plant essential oils, while the explosive bath salt balls are added with baking soda and citric acid, which produces a pao teng effect when exposed to water.

The advantage of using the explosive bath salt ball is that it adds a lot of fun while cleaning and moisturizing the skin. In contact with water, it produces rich foam and gorgeous colors, which are very popular with children and young girls abroad.

Generally speaking, you don't need to rinse again after taking a bath with an explosive bath salt ball, but if the essential oil content of the bath salt ball is high, you need to rinse it a little.
At present, bath salt baths are more and more popular at home and abroad, but many people still do not understand the steps of bath salt bathing, so how should bath salts be used correctly in the bathtub?
First, put clean water and bath salt balls with suitable temperature in the bathtub, then put the bath salts into the clean water, stir slowly with a towel, and then you can enter the bathtub and start taking a bath.

When taking a bath with bath salts, how to use bath salts, do not pour too much bath salts, generally 50 grams to 100 grams are appropriate, using too much will cause irritation to the skin.

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