Sep 16,2022
How to Make Your Own bath bomb?
Homemade bath bombs are simple and fast to make, and the materials are readily available and environmentally friendly. Third, the daily monotonous cleaning work is full of fun, with a refreshing fragrance to relax the body and mind, and pure natural plant energy Nourishes the skin, and the four materials themselves can clean oil and soap scum, take a bath and clean the bathtub, which is really beneficial.

1. Prepare materials

Baking soda, anhydrous citric acid, corn flour (or potato flour), cold-pressed vegetable oil, essential oil, herbal powder (with or without), mold, electronic scale, stainless steel pot, gloves.

2. Recipe ratio

Baking soda: anhydrous citric acid: corn flour = 2:1:1

3. Production method

(1) Put on gloves, mix anhydrous citric acid and corn flour and knead evenly.
(2) Add baking soda and stir well. You can knead and stir like in the initial stage of dough mixing
(3) Add a little flower powder (such as rose powder, comfrey powder, wormwood powder, indigo powder, etc.) at will, some color materials may stain the bathtub, so please consider whether to add it carefully.
(4) After stirring evenly, add cold-pressed vegetable oil, such as sweet almond oil, which is 1% of the total powder amount. You can prepare the compound oil you need beforehand (the concentration of essential oil is 1%)
(5) After all the materials are mixed evenly, when the hand is kneaded into a block, it can be put into the mold without immediately dispersing. For the mold, you can choose a cheap and easy-to-use PVC molding mold or a jelly cup. A small piece is suitable for a bath. The trick to moulding is to press as hard as possible! It is best to add layer after layer.
If you use a three-dimensional round or heart-shaped bath ball mold, it is more difficult to enter the mold. You can press half into concave and half into convex, and then hold the concave half tightly to the convex from top to bottom, and the success rate will increase. To avoid swelling and popping, wrap the tight molds in plastic wrap.
(6) Wait patiently for 30 minutes, and you can demould. If you are not in a hurry, or you are afraid that the bath ball will turn into a bath powder after demoulding, it will be better to put it on for 1 day before demoulding.
(7) (7) After the bath salt ball is formed and demolded, place it in a ventilated place for a day, and then wrap it with plastic wrap or put it in a sealed jar to prevent moisture from dissipating.
(8) 4. Precautions

Epsom salts are added to some recipes, which will create a spinning effect that adds fun to the bath salt ball when dropped into the water, but it should not be used in combination with foaming powder. Epsom salt will de-foam, and the more you add, the faster it will go, so if you want long-lasting bubbles, don't add Epsom salt or sea salt to your recipe.

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