Aug 17,2022

Soaking in bath salts is like getting a full body massage. Because the human body is like a small electrical body, and salt is a good electrolyte, the body is soaked in water containing a trace of salt, the formation of a small electric field can stimulate the skin nerve endings, so as to promote blood circulation and metabolism. Under the action of this "electric field", the dirt on the cuticle and skin is easier to fall off, which is beneficial to the skin's cleaning and self-renewal.

However, bath salts do not have to be used in a bathtub. You can put them in a cloth bag to rub your skin in a sauna to replenish the salt lost through sweating. Or can be loaded into a cloth bag hanging on the shower head; After HAVING CLEANED FACIAL MINISTRY SKIN WITH WASH FACIAL MILK, ALSO CAN MIX SALT OF A FEW BATH AND A BASIN OF WATER, SPEND 3 MINUTES OR SO TIME TO CLEAN FACIAL MINISTRY AGAIN.

When USING BATH SALT BUBBLE BATH, THE DOSAGE OF GENERAL ADULT IS 70 grams, THE CHILD 50 grams, THE TIME HAD BETTER BE CONTROLLED IN 15-30 minutes. In the bath process, you can also use salt water in accordance with the first elbow, after big, calf, chest, abdomen, back in order to massage the whole body, and then soak in the water for a short time, and finally wash with clean water, wipe on skin care milk.

This soaking and massage method can not only remove dirt, but also enhance the vitality of the whole skin. However, it should be noted that people with oily skin will simply mix bath salts and water; The skin slant is dry person, can half spoon BATH salt, one SCOOP water soluble OR WEAK oily massage cream add water mix use. If you feel uncomfortable, get up slowly and rest in a warm, ventilated place. People with high blood pressure and poor heart function can not take a bath for too long, the water temperature is not too high, the water level is best not to exceed the chest; Patients with low blood pressure had better not use bath salts containing lavender.

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